Prototypo is an open-source online typeface editor: start shaping a complete typeface using sliders, then refine spacing and outlines.

Prototypo is an open-source online application that allows to control the design of a complete typeface using sliders, and refine spacing and outlines manually. Hobbyists and professionals alike can use twenty-plus parameters to create a wide range of fonts.

No matter how experienced you are at designing types, getting from the idea of a new design to a usable font is a tedious and repetitive process. Prototypo offers a new approach of type design that integrates historical, mathematical and visual rules of this discipline to automate repetitive tasks and let you focus on shape design.

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Björk: “When I was thinking about you,
for some reason I remembered an interview I’d read with this one architect.

His theory is that the people who collect ideas feel really threatened by those who create from nothing.

That’s what he means by the ‘tyranny of the oblivious’.

Which group do you think you are in?”

Alexander McQueen: “I would be the dreamer. I get my ideas out of my dreams. Does that make me a tyrant?”

Talent: Ghia Alkuratu

wardrobe: me

(Source: innadee)

5:48 - The Reality of Time by Thomas Gugel

This is my graduation movie at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, Germany and my interpretation of the Reality of Time based on the theories of French philosopher Henri Bergson and his meaning of “la durée”, the experienced time. A pure perception which isn’t already structured by our consciousness and available for our behaviors (Intuition). This “Reality of Time” lies mainly behind what’s shown obviously - in his symbolic representation. What you see isn’t what it supposed to shown.

Concept, Animation, Compositing: Thomas Gugel
Sounddesign: Bernhard Dulle (
2D-Support: Bastian J. Schiffer (
Mentoring: Prof. Tjark Ihmels


Artwork created for interior design at Hellohikimori design studio paris.
Video directed by Valentin Petit.

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