Young, it was in the gloomy back alleys of 1980’s London that she started picking the punk-rock mouvement. By little black pictograms that she inscribes in the pore of that breakout movement, she will end up becoming one of the great of today. As a backpacker, she lived throughout Europe and that is how she obtained so much inspiration, thanks to the multiples cultures that are in her. Roxx does her dropper appearances around the entire world. 
She finally picked the heart of San Francisco to give birth to her shop « Tattoo 2Spirit ».

Her personal style permitted her to obtain an award in blackwork tattoos. Strange Fusion between aboriginal arts and the geometrical certitude, Roxx stands out with big fresco brutalized with black fillings. She inscribes on her models the twisting of a symmetrical daring. Those fined repeated patterns creates a dab-handedness and a genre that is completely unique that many dream to see on their naked arms or chest. A result close to graphic abstract actual conceptions, lifted by the transmission of an ink that speaks for herself. From an absolute beauty to a consistent visual impact. Roxx is Mother of tattoo that we can clearly feel boiling up under the membrane of human skin thirsty for esthetic.